31 Times Matt Smith Was The Most Perfect Human Being Ever

Happy 31st birthday, Matt. You make EVERYTHING cool.

2. Especially with Karen.

3. When he made no eyebrows the coolest thing around.

4. When he frolicked the hardest anyone has ever frolicked.

5. When he got cozy with a Cyberman for the sake of Christmas.

6. When he was supposedly in a band.


We’re waiting for the single to drop, guys.

7. When he was BFFs with this badger.

8. When bowties. Obviously.

9. When he blessed the internet with this face.

10. Whenever he made dad jokes cool again.

11. When he went blam blam blam right into our hearts.

12. When he lit a fire in our… yeah let’s go with ‘hearts’ again.


13. Whenever he did The Thing.


You know, the thing!

14. When he wore this dress better than we could.

15. When he realized his alter ego was Batmatt.

16. When we all wanted to be on the receiving end of a Doctor nose-boop.

17. When his socks DGAF.


And/or are still crying about it.

19. When he used this glorious catch phrase.

20. When his booty booty booty was rockin’ everywheeeere.

21. When he invited his mum to his last day of shooting.

22. When he showed us how to properly use our silverware.

23. When he made dreams come true.

24. When he shaved his head we all wanted to hate it BUT WE COULDN’T.

25. When he had the most British road rage ever.

26. When he was a little bit kinky.

27. When he was an actual 12 year old.

28. And also the most feared being in all the universe.

29. When he kidnapped Nathan Fillion and we all squeed super hard.

30. When he made us all jealous of Craig.

31. Basically just whenever he was being the perfect human being that he is.

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