12 Pieces Of Proof David Tennant Is A Crazy Cat Lady

David Tennant. Plus Kittens. Need I say more?

1. This time that his shoulder was a kitten taxi.

BBC One / Via rebloggy.com

2. And this other time his glorious crown was transformed into a kitten’s throne.

Virgin Media / BuzzFeed

Virgin Media / BuzzFeed


3. And then when he had so many cats the neighbors were afraid to come over.

4. Because if they touched any of his cats, he made this face.

BBC One / Via tumblr.com

5. Someone had to pry this cat out of his hands with a crowbar.

6. Just when everyone thought he was recovering, his therapist showed us this.


7. David, what are you scheming?


BBC One / Via tardistopia.net

9. This cat is concerned for you.

10. This is for your own good, David.


11. Please stop before we die from cute.

12. *Explodes*

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