17 Gorgeous Wall Clocks For All Your Fandom Needs

Don’t ever lose track of time to your obsessions again.

1. For the Sherlockians

ObjectIndustrialArt / Via

Sherlock Holmes engraved art wall clock

2. The aspiring S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

geoartcrafts / Via

Avengers theme vinyl record clock

4. Whovians and companions

WarpZone / Via

Doctor Who Gallifreyan TARDIS Clock

UnicornEmpirePrints / Via

Timey-wimey Tardis wall clock

7. Meth dealers! Or, you know, Breaking Bad fans

miniFab / Via

Wood periodic table clock

8. All the Star Wars jedi out there

ObjectIndustrialArt / Via

Star Wars Princess Leia and Han Solo “I love you / I know” clocks.

9. / Via LProducts

Recycled vinyl Death Star wall clock

GLaDOSv311 / Via

Portal Aperture lab neon clock.

12. Adventure Time fans

alantronics / Via

Jake the Dog clock

13. Regular ol’ tech nerds

DebbyAremDesigns / Via

Starry night circuit board clock

14. Literature geeks

mbartstudios / Via

Little Prince clay clock.

thewhiterabbitcom / Via

Alice in Wonderland backwards clock

17. And the Potterhead in all of us

ilikeprettythingsqld / Via

Harry Potter wall book clock

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