23 Signs You’re A Text-Based Roleplayer

Is this thread private or OTA? Are you okay with OCs?

1. Chances are you got into roleplay because you like writing.

Maybe it was through fic, maybe you stumbled across a tumblr or six word stories comm.

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2. You probably, at one point or another, lived here.

Hello darkness, my old friend.

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3. Whenever you watch a new movie or read a new book, you’re immediately trying to figure out which character’s voice you can write.

ID: 1934620

4. You spend way too much time cruising celebrity and photo websites… trying to find new faces to use for your original characters.

ID: 1934635

5. You have a love-hate relationship with memes.

Must. Resist. Cliche. Okay, just this once…

ID: 1934593

6. You have more characters living in your head than you know what to do with.

ID: 1934671

7. OTA, OC, PB, RP, AU, MUN… what do you mean other people don’t understand these acronyms?

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8. Half the time people think you’re texting, you are in fact finishing up a scene instead.

It’s a battle scene! You can’t just NOT reply!!

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9. Your TV show jumped the shark? That’s what AUs are for! Time to fix it.

ID: 1935031

10. You look forward to holidays because it means you can hole up in your room and write for daaays.

You will be coming out for food and food only.

ID: 1934888

11. You tend to space out in public because you’re reliving a scene you just played out… or concocting a new one.

ID: 1935056

12. You probably have a reaction gifs folder just dedicated to one of your characters.

ID: 1935107

13. And the bane of your existence is that you can’t photoshop your own icons and gifs.

ID: 1935116

14. The feeling of finding a perfect jamjar/sandbox community.

ID: 1935135

15. And then the feeling of finding that perfect RP partner!?

Same ships? Same timezone? Same plot interests? ARE YOU REAL?

ID: 1935156

16. In difficult real life situations you occasionally find yourself wondering what your muse would do.

ID: 1938317

17. There are certain celebrities you just can’t look at the same anymore because they remind you too much of your friend’s characters.

ID: 1938047

18. You’ve excused yourself out of social gatherings because there’s a big plot scene going down tonight.

Your OTP might finally get together and you have NO regrets.

ID: 1938222

19. This is a legitimate anxiety that has caused nail-biting.

ID: 1934783

20. So’s this.

ID: 1937843

21. But it’s worth it for this moment!

ID: 1937883

22. You pretty much avoid trying to explain your hobby when you can.

“It’s like writing a big collaborative story, only… oh, nevermind.”

ID: 1934772

23. But haters to the right, because you’ve made fantastic friends from all over the world.

ID: 1934975

And your only real problem is that you can’t hug these beautiful people through your computer screen.

ID: 1934996

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