How Girls Get Ready For A Date

as told by clothed chihuahuas

1. The beginning of the day is spent grooming.

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2. Nails done.

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3. Hair done.

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4. Everything did.

Oh you fancy huh?

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5. Then it’s time to find the perfect outfit.

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6. Wanting to look feminine

but not too girly.

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7. Casual

but not like you just rolled out of bed.

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8. Trendy

but not over done.

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9. You get distracted and call a friend.

to discuss the date of course.

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10. Which leads to discussing dream wedding plans

and fantasies of telling your first date story to your grandchildren.

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11. You realize you that time is running out

and get off the phone.

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12. Choosing to wear a little black dress.

classic, elegant, sexy, yet leaves enough to the imagination

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13. And anxiously await the arrival of your date.

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14. And at last he’s here!

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