14 Ways People Go All The Way During The Holidays

The holidays are a time for celebrating — but sometimes, people just take it too far. Here are a few things we’re all guilty of doing because ‘tis the season, and to see how Jordan Knight will be spending Christmas, click here. posted on

1. Making Crazy Cards

2. Turning Their Fingers Into Carolers

3. Turning Their Cars Into Glow Sticks

4. Wrapping Their Cabinets In Wrapping Paper So Getting Something Out Of Them Is Like Opening A Gift

6. Decorating Their Airplanes

7. Building The Nativity Scene Out Of Meat And Rice

8. Writing A Letter To Santa Using Scrabble Pieces

9. Using Their Electric Cars To Power Their Trees

10. Turning Their Cubicles Into Gingerbread Houses

11. Getting A Tree That’s Probably Too Big To Put Anywhere

12. Wearing Unreasonably Creepy Masks

13. Turning Their Strawberries Into Santas

14. And Finally: Wrapping Your Gifts Like This

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