25 Problems Only Meat Lovers Would Understand

Because vegan bacon is a thing.

1. Overcooked steak.


In all fairness, De Niro had a point: If you overcook the steak, it’s no good.

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2. Finding out that you’re dating a vegetarian.

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Well, maybe it’s not that bad.

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3. The moment you realized you were eating imitation crab all along.

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4. Getting scolded by your doctor for having ridiculously high cholesterol.

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5. Heartburn.

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Or as it’s more commonly known, “the moments you considered becoming a vegan.”

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6. Loving soft bacon and getting crispy bacon.

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7. Loving crispy bacon and getting soft bacon.

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You either go bacon or go home.

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9. While we’re at it… TURKEY BACON.

Your effort to be bacon is commendable, but no. Stop trying.

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10. When your stomach has no more room for steak.

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11. When your co-workers suggest “that new vegetarian place” for lunch.

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12. Getting dirty looks for eating the gristle and fat of a steak.

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Not ashamed.

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13. The struggle of loving chicken nuggets.


“Pink slime” might not even be in chicken nuggets, but that image will stay in your brain forever anyways.

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14. Going to a BBQ restaurant on your first date.


There is no suave way to eat ribs.

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15. Society dictating that we have to eat steak with a fork and knife.

Just because they say so doesn’t mean we have to.

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16. Going to a cookout and being told, “Sorry, we only have veggie burgers. But they taste like real meat!”

No they don’t. I hate you. I hate you so much.

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17. Not having enough napkins.

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18. Whenever the McRib leaves for the season.

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19. The inability to join movie characters while they devour some juicy-looking meat.

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That zebra leg looks… so… good… *drool*

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20. Going to a restaurant with your date and seeing a large amount of perfectly good meat they didn’t finish leftover on their plate.

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21. When others prevent you from eating a mouthwatering piece of pork just because it’s pink on the inside.

Tapeworms? I don’t care. I want it now.

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22. Being told about animal cruelty while eating a burger.

Dude… seriously. Not now.

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23. When PETA passive-aggressively tells you that you suck at sex.

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24. When your family tries going experimental on Thanksgiving.

Tofurkey? More like no-furkey.

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25. The friend who boasts about how much better they are because of their vegan diet.

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I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my munching on pork rinds.

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