27 Ways To Eat Like An Adult In College

Who says you can’t eat like a normal person in college?

1. Make paninis (with an iron).

Or a delicious grilled cheese. Just butter the outsides of the sandwich, wrap it in foil, put it on a textbook and iron each side for a couple of minutes.

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2. Or even French Toast.

This particular recipe is even vegan.

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3. Keep a stash of dried seaweed to make some easy sushi snacks.

This is made with spam and minute rice.

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4. Use your microwave to make scrambled eggs. Or even a quiche.


Detailed recipe here.

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5. And fancier things, like lasagna and chicken couscous.


Recipes here.

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6. And cake.

Here are some recipies.

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7. If your mini fridge isn’t very cold, use this trick to chill lukewarm beers.

Just wet a towel and stick it in the freezer for 8-15 minutes. More ways here.

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8. Buy some popcorn seasoning to spice up a staple snack.

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9. Make your ramen a little more exciting.

Like this Ramac & cheese recipe. But instead of broiling it, just pop it in the microwave.

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10. Or make it a dry snack.

Recipe here.

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11. You can drink wine in your room without needing a wine opener.


You can use a string or use these other things.

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12. Make an easy taco salad in a bag.

For those ever-persistent Mexican food cravings. Here’s the five-minute recipe.

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13. For the coffee snobs, you can brew one cup at a time with just two disposable cups and a coffee filter.

So you don’t have to settle for the generic cafeteria stuff. Detailed instructions here.

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14. Turn your go-to cereal into a cereal bar.

Three ingredients + microwave recipe here.

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15. Invest in a tumbler so you can make smoothies.

It’s a great way to have a pseudo-blender without having to invest in a real blender.

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16. If you’re dying for fresh vegetables, you can make your own zero-power container garden.

Ambitious, but hey. You do you. Instructions here.

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17. Or an upside-down planter.

Make sure you clear it with your building admin first. Instructions here.

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18. Or just get more greens in by buying a pack of grab-bag vegetables.

Just zap them and go.

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19. Use a base or meat-flavored bouillon to make a quick soup.


Or just to upgrade your rice.

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20. Make no-bake cookies.


If you need something sweet, you can make these in just minutes.

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21. And easy chocolate chip cookie dough truffles.

These ones only require three ingredients. Take that, Milanos.

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22. If you don’t have a kitchen, definitely get an electric hot water kettle.

You can quickly make anything from miso soup to oatmeal. And apparently you can make these things in a coffee maker.

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23. Because you can also use it to make broth-y soups.

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24. But you don’t necessarily need it to make oatmeal.

Recipe for overnight oats (without needing a microwave) here.

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25. Or if you’re feeling fancy (and your dorm allows it) you can make magic with a wafflemaker.

Like these cinnamon rolls.

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26. Or these single servings of bacon.

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27. If all else fails, check out a campus calendar for events and info sessions that might have food.

It’ll be a nice break from goldfish and Cup ‘O Noodles.

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