The Story Of Hanukkah As Told By One Really Hot Jewish Guy

The tale of the oil that lasted for eight days, as told by Eliad Cohen — who never forgets to put on his golden Chai necklace.

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1. In ancient Judea, the Jewish people lived under Greek rule.

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2. The story goes that King Antiochus was a ruler who outlawed the Jewish religion.

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3. Brave Jews practiced in secrecy, and resentment toward their rulers started to mount.

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4. Enter a young hero, Judah Maccabee.

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5. He led his army, the Maccabees, to battle against the Greek empire.

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6. Maccabee means “hammer.”

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7. They were a small force but fought long and hard against their oppressors.

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8. They managed to win the fight against their much bigger enemy.

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9. But in the battle, much of the city was destroyed, including the great temple.

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10. After the war was over, the Jewish people went to go rededicate the temple and light the menorah.

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11. They needed oil to light it but there was only enough over to last for one night.

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12. Oh no!

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13. In what only can be described as a miracle, it lasted for eight.

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14. Just enough time for more oil to be made.

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15. Peace returned to the land and all was well.

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16. Now we light menorahs of our own to remember the miracle that happened.

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17. We eat fried foods like latkes and sufganiyot (jelly donuts) to signify the oil.

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18. It’s a great holiday with lots of dreidel spinning and family time.

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19. Amen.

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