Cats You Don’t Want To Snuggle With

Sure, cats look pretty snuggly, but some of them just don’t want to be snuggled. Here are a couple of cats that just aren’t feeling it. And for more fierce felines, make sure you catch all new episodes of My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet, Saturdays at 8pm e/p.


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ID: 413965

2. Or this cat

ID: 396819

3. Not this cat

ID: 396826

4. And definitely not this cat

ID: 396828

5. Hell no, not this cat

ID: 396832

6. And god forbid you try to cuddle with this cat

ID: 396835

7. Or this cat

ID: 396838

8. And stay away from this cat

ID: 396845

9. And this cat

ID: 396849

10. Nope, not this cat

ID: 396853

11. And never try to cuddle this cat

ID: 396858

12. Or this cat

ID: 396802

13. And forget about this cat.

ID: 396864

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