12 Things Every Kid Thinks Are In The Teacher’s Lounge

What lies behind the magical door? Enter the Teachers’ Lounge on MTV(other).

1. Unlimited tots.

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2. A randomly generated list of students to hate.

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3. A beer fridge.

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4. Stacks of confiscated Playboy magazines.

Windell Oskay / Via Flickr: oskay
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5. A secret fight club.

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6. The dreaded permanent records.

Mark Crossfield / Via Flickr: manc
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7. All the class pets that “died.”

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8. A super ritzy bathroom.

Heather Harvey / Via Flickr: smilygrl
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9. Drugs.

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10. Master keys that can open any door in the school.

Richard-G / Via Flickr: 19579419@N00
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11. A closet full of identical light blue button-downs.

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12. Boxes on boxes of red pens.

Eugene Peretz / Via Flickr: peretzpup
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