17 Reasons You Can’t Stop Watching “Teen Wolf”

You’ve been bitten… by the Teen Wolf bug, that is! Now that you’ve had a taste, keep getting your fix by tuning into Season 4 tonight at 10/9c on MTV!

1. One word: bromance.


There’s nothing but love between Scott and Stiles — both on-camera and off!

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2. Eye candy. So much eye candy.


No need to sugarcoat it. There’s a reason you can’t look away!

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3. All eight of Derek’s abs.


Let’s face it: Derek Hale is in a league of his own.

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4. Werewolves are cool. They just are.

They’re superstrong, they can shapeshift, and they sync up to the moon. What’s not to like?

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5. It’s a lesson in mythology.


Alphas, Betas, Omegas… who knew there was so much to werewolves!

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6. It’s actually scary.


When it’s not being funny or romantic, the show captures the classic horror genre perfectly!

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7. It continues to surprise you!


Never a dull moment — this show keeps you on your toes!

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8. Leading ladies who aren’t just love interests…


Wielding a bow and arrow and a katana, Allison Argent and Kira Yukimura play second fiddle to no one!

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…and who are more than meets the eye.


Lydia Martin hides a brilliant intellect behind her “popular girl” facade.

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9. It doesn’t shy away from sex.


Thanks, Teen Wolf!

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10. And being gay is no big deal.


(Because being gay is no big deal…)

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11. Watching Stiles steal the show.


Witty and sarcastic with a heart of gold, Stiles is the unexpected hero in this story. Oh, and he’s incredibly handsome.

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12. Writers who know what they’re doing.

Clever, sharp, and slightly self-aware, the writing strikes the perfect balance needed for a show about teenage werewolves.

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13. And secondary characters who add their own flavor.

Who doesn’t love a good Coach–Stiles standoff!

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14. The actors are incredibly talented…


This cast immerses us completely in the world of Beacon Hills High.

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15. …and incredibly goofy.


Watching these actors play around off-set is half the fun!

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16. It makes us want to be part of a “pack”!

There’s nothing more heartwarming than watching Scott form his own pack of humans!

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17. Did we mention Stiles already?

OK. But it bears repeating.

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Keep feeding your Teen Wolf addiction with MTV’s premiere of Season 4 tonight at 10/9c!

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