13 GIFs To Illustrate The Birds And The Bees Talk

Watch and learn, parents. Sex is complicated, so make sure to catch Virgin Territory, Wednesdays on MTV at 11/10c.

1. Men and women are designed differently. Men have man parts…

ID: 3221230

2. …and women have lady parts.

Studio Ghibli / Via modesthubris.tumblr.com
ID: 3221332

3. When the man and woman really love each other, they will decide to have a baby. In order to make one, they do something called “sex.”

ID: 3220907

4. Sex is like a fun little game adults play with each other’s parts.

But only adults.

ID: 3220924

5. First, the mommy and the daddy will explore each other’s bodies.

ID: 3220594

6. There’s lots of touching, and it feels very good.

Again, this is for when you’re older. Don’t you dare even think about doing it now, even though it sounds awesome. Because it is awesome. But don’t you dare.

ID: 3221005

7. After enough touching, the man’s parts grow.

In a fun way!

ID: 3220587

8. And he allows his parts to meet her parts.

Discovery Channel / Via pleated-jeans.com
ID: 3220758

9. Their parts move back and forth with each other trying to find a fun rhythm.

ID: 3221791

10. After 30 or 40 seconds, the man will burst with a rush of excitement!

And maybe the woman too! But not always!

ID: 3221015

11. At that happy moment, he sends little ambassadors into her body.

His people meet with her people. It’s like a ~summit!~

ID: 3221162

12. After that, a baby starts growing in the mommy’s tummy.

It lasts for nine beautiful months.

ID: 3221189

13. And once it’s ready, the man and woman will go to the hospital and help the baby pop out!

ID: 3221183

Now that you’re educated, please, only do it when you’re ready.

ID: 3222386

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