15 Gifs That You Can Stare At Forever

Prepare to stare. Not many things last forever, but the DROID RAZR MAXX HD by Motorola, the longest lasting 4G LTE smartphone, comes close with its 32 hour battery life.

1. The fire of life:

ID: 853205

2. This exercise we wish we could do:

ID: 866058

3. Taking a deep breath:

ID: 853216

4. Relaxing to some tunes:

ID: 866166

5. Jamming to some beats:

ID: 866360

6. Pouring a cold one:

ID: 853222

7. Fistbumping:

ID: 866126

8. Someplace you wish you were:

ID: 866219

9. Your childhood:

ID: 866193

10. Playing the piano:

ID: 866178

13. A long walk:

ID: 866380

14. Deciding what’s for dinner:

ID: 866430

15. The most frustrating thing ever:

ID: 866265

Dude, where’d all the time go?

ID: 866147

Good thing your phone’s got enough battery to look at them all over again.

With a 32 hour battery life, the DROID RAZR MAXX HD by Motorola is the longest lasting 4G LTE smartphone.

ID: 866445

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