Every Cultural Reference On The Winter Premiere Of “Bunheads”

They managed to get 16 into 45 minutes. Next week they’ll squeeze in 18.

1. Vladimir Lenin

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Truly decorates Fanny’s pro-type kitchen with a lovely portrait, and the second half of the season kicks off with communism.

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2. “Friends”

Boo’s mother might be the best character on the show.

ID: 793695

3. “Pretty in Pink”

Technically Hubble referencing “Duckie and Molly” is a mixed metaphor since Duckie is the character’s name and Molly is the actresses’ name, but it worked…

ID: 793710

4. “On Golden Pond”

A reference to illustrate the fact that Michelle’s BFF’s boy friend is really old.

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5. Eisenhower

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Like, really old.

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6. President Polk

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Super old.

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7. The Marx Brothers

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Horribly, disgustingly old.

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8. Cleopatra

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So old that a fourth of the night’s references exist just to remind everyone how decrepit he is.

ID: 793923

9. Slumdog Millionaire

Apparently Boo’s brooms smell like they were cleaning said slums. I think Oprah said that’s when you know it’s time to replace them.

ID: 793830

10. “Dance Moms”

Fanny is not a fan.

ID: 793850

11. Andy Warhol

Boo got her fifteen minutes through a wonderful combination of auto-tunning and a horrible mace accident.

ID: 793859

12. Katie Couric

George De Sota / Getty Images

“What is my life now? Watching Katie Couric get a colonoscopy over and over and over?” was the best line of the night.

ID: 793994

13. Gordon Ramsay

The Oyster Bar, “Bunhead’s” Luke’s Diner, is a prime candidate for “Kitchen Nightmares.”

ID: 794033

14. The Art of War

Sasha’s light reading in prep for her super competitive dance camp. There better be flashbacks.

ID: 794072

15. Megan Fox

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Hubble thinks Michelle is prettier than Megan Fox, a sentiment that is sure to please Sutton Foster.

ID: 794137

16. The Nutcracker

They managed to reference The Nutcracker, as well as the show’s performance of The Nutcracker. “Bunheads” is getting meta.

ID: 794130

They even unintentionally referenced “Once Upon a Time”

ID: 794105

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