Learning To Play Guitar: Expectations Vs. Reality

For those about to rock…

1. Expectation: You will buy the sickest guitar ever.

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Reality: You can only afford a starter guitar that makes you feel like you’re playing this.

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2. Expectation: You will teach yourself how to play.

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Reality: You’ll have to pay some random guy to give you lessons.

ID: 1384655

3. Expectation: You will practice guitar 24/7.

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Reality: You’ll be tired and your fingers will hurt and you won’t feel like practicing.

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4. Expectation: Within days you will be playing all your favorite classic rock songs.

ID: 1385191

Reality: After several weeks, you are still struggling with “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

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5. Expectation: If you play guitar at a party, everyone will think you’re super cool.

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ID: 1383699

Reality: No one wants to hear you bumble through “Wonderwall.”

ID: 1383188

6. Expectation: You will be mayor of SHRED CITY.

ID: 1383599

Reality: You have sausage fingers.

ID: 1384908

7. Expectation: You’ll recreate your favorite band’s massive guitar sound.

ID: 1384633

Reality: Your practice amp sounds like a broken ham radio.

ID: 1384857

8. Expectation: You will look like this when you play.

ID: 1384520

Reality: Your eyes will be glued to your guitar and you will be afraid to move.

ID: 1384776

9. Expectation: You will be a total badass and smash your guitar all the time.

ID: 1385066

10. Reality: You will protect that guitar like it’s your baby and freak out at the smallest scratch.

ID: 1385810

11. Expectation: Once you get good enough, you’ll start a killer band with your friends.

ID: 1383862

Reality: All your friends think rock is dead and just want to be DJ’s.

ID: 1385336

12. But at least you’ll always be able to say the three sweetest words in the English language…

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