26 Moments Of Triumph From Your Childhood

Victory was sweet.

1. When, after blowing hundreds of quarters, this happened…

ID: 1374179

2. When you proved to everyone that you were a genius.

ID: 1375322

3. When your princess WASN’T in another castle.

ID: 1374095

4. When you hacked a Twizzler and turned it into a straw.

ID: 1373446

5. When you survived the slide at Discovery Zone.

ID: 1375001

6. When you got to be the one who activated this.

ID: 1373910

7. When you used Lite-Brite to spell out dirty words.

ID: 1374216

8. When you managed to get this to work like on the commercials…

ID: 1374141

9. When you completed this brilliant work of fiction.

ID: 1374288

10. When you conquered the American frontier.

ID: 1373838

11. When you realized you could make a sandwich out of Pop Tarts.

ID: 1375119

12. When your Spirograph art actually looked like… ART.

ID: 1375275

13. When you actually finished building something with Legos…

ID: 1374252

14. …or K’Nex.

ID: 1374240

15. When you got your first Minesweeper win.

ID: 1375021

16. When you were totally crushing it on the Skip-It.

ID: 1374419

17. When you died in every Choose Your Own Adventure, but WHO CARES YOU WERE A SHARK.

ID: 1374335

18. When you hit the sickest trick shot ever.

ID: 1375595

19. That one brief moment when your Tamagotchi wasn’t crying or pooping.

ID: 1374878

20. When you constructed the most epic pillow fort ever.

ID: 1375190

21. When you actually made something delicious with an Easy Bake Oven.

ID: 1375060

22. When you won a piece of the Aggro Crag.

Nickelodeon / Via owlspeckles.tumblr.com
ID: 1374752

23. When you had a good day at the arcade.

And all that bought you just a single pack of gum.

ID: 1374708

24. When you beat the hardest game of all time.

Seriously, you deserved a job with the CIA if you could do this.

ID: 1373179

25. When you found one of these holographic babies in your pack of Pokemon cards.

ID: 1374614

26. When you won this holiest of holies…

ID: 1374797

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