18 Signs Playing Risk Made You A Monster


1. You know the key to global domination lies here.

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2. This is you every time someone recommends Diplomacy or Axis & Allies.

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3. You neurotically keep your army in a tight formation.

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4. This is you when an opponent chooses to start in Asia or Europe…

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5. The game had already turned your parents into monsters.

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6. Taken out of context, your comments about other countries sound incredibly jingoist.

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7. You tell other players what to do on their turn.

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8. You know this by heart and attack accordingly.

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9. You’re so paranoid you hide ongoing games in a “neutral” location.

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10. You think all the other players are out to get you.

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11. Of course, you have no problem breaking alliances yourself.

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12. You obsess over taking the cold, desolate Russian peninsula Kamchatka, a place you’d NEVER WANT TO VISIT IN REAL LIFE.

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13. If one of your opponent’s dice are tilting even just a teeny bit, you make them RE-ROLL!

Except when you rolled it, and it’s double sixes. Then it’s OK.

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14. You’re sooo nice at the beginning of the game, and no one gangs up on you…

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15. …but soon you become this.

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16. Even when victory is sealed, you let the game drag on like a sadistic jerk.

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17. And make your friends stay awake for every second of your domination.

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18. Until finally, you experience the greatest feeling of your life.

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