14 Signs You’re Turning Into Your Parents

But don’t freak out — it just means you’re getting cooler! Here are a few ways to know you’re definitely becoming an adult, and for more ways that parents keep it real, watch your favorite episodes of Modern Family on USA Network, five nights a week.

1. It makes you nuts that this is how surfboards are used:

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2. You don’t understand what qualifies as “television” these days:

ID: 1680694

3. You’re so happy you don’t have to go back to college:

ID: 1680514

4. You want absolutely nothing to do with this:

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5. You don’t think this is a way to get around a city:

ID: 1680904

6. You can’t figure out what the worst part of this is:

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7. You hate the idea of anyone that’s not you crashing on your couch:

ID: 1681517

8. Your DVR is full of nature documentaries:

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9. You get completely restless when you try and stay in bed past 8 a.m.:

ID: 1681574

10. You say things like “that is a disaster waiting to happen”:

ID: 1681952

11. You don’t understand what all the fuss is about with horses:

ID: 1682039

12. You cannot BELIEVE IT when you don’t get a “thank you” note from someone:

ID: 1682464

13. You pity people who don’t dress appropriately for their age:

FOX / Via niketalk.com
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14. And you don’t have an answer to this question:

ID: 1682515

For your daily dose of comedy, catch Modern Family, now on USA Network five nights a week!

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