12 Parenting Fails We Should’ve Stopped

Being a parent is a blessing, but it’s not always easy. Here are some instances where parents dropped the ball a bit. For more insight into how hard it is to be responsible for someone other than yourself, watch episodes of Modern Family on USA Network, five nights a week.

1. That’s one way to make sure your kid becomes a gamer:

ID: 1688854


ID: 1689079

3. Look at the wind-up she takes! TOO MUCH WIND-UP FOR THIS LITTLE HUMAN:

ID: 1690130

4. Well… someone must’ve stopped him… right?

Mitch Diamond / Via gettyimages.com
ID: 1703292

5. Look at this mom trying to get out of Halloween forever:

ID: 1689231

6. This was done by a 17-year-old human — does that make it better or worse?

ID: 1689351

7. This isn’t the best way to count calories, buddy:

Getty Images / Via 157197834
ID: 1690339

8. Who do you think is more confused:

Getty Images / Via HN7155-001
ID: 1690300

9. He knows he’s doomed:

Getty Images / Via 3242-000098
ID: 1690310

10. Look at these poor bunk buddies:

ID: 1689130

11. He knows he shouldn’t, but look at him realizing he’s not really living if he doesn’t:

Getty Images / Via 82113254
ID: 1690345

12. In this mom’s defense, that kid had a lot of time to react and adapt:

ID: 1688627

For your daily dose of comedy, catch Modern Family, now on USA Network five nights a week!

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