Why The World Needs Michelle

Enough of this Michelle Williams hate. DC3 would not be DC3 without her!

Who would’ve helped Kelly lift the award so Beyonce didn’t have to?

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Or kept tabs on many people were left in the autograph line?


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Or driven the camel?

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Who would’ve sang that random part in “Survivor” about surrounding yourself with positive things?

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Or that random part in “Bootylicious” about vibes and vibealiciousness?

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I guess Kelly could have. Or Beyonce. But still… that part was Michelle’s!

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Who would’ve chaperoned this dance?


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Who would’ve watched Kelly and Beyonce’s back when they were dressed as sexy boy scouts?

Scout’s honor. Getty

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Or tried communicating with Rosie O’Donnell?


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I don’t see anyone up for the task besides Michelle and that weird white dude. So, again, Michelle!

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Who would’ve been forced to wear the really big poncho?


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Or the random green beret?


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Or the jumpsuit with the partial belly cut-out?

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Michelle! That’s who.

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Who would’ve been put behind the text?

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Tried on the denim skirt and football team-themed cowboy boots Tina had been working on?


ID: 859661

Or made sure all the other girls were raising their hands correctly?

ID: 859669

All together now: MICHELLE!

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Who would’ve Beyonce sat on?

ID: 860041

Held the pool stick?

ID: 859840

Worn the other stupid metallic cowboy hat so Beyonce didn’t have to be the only one?


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Who would’ve always given the thumbs up?

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Put Kelly to sleep?

ID: 859762

And most importantly, kept Beyonce from going solo for so long?

ID: 859833


That’s who.

Screw all the haters that say Destiny’s Child doesn’t need Michelle! DC3 needs Michelle!

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Also Farrah was the worst and it would have really sucked if Matthew Knowles had kicked Michelle out instead of her.


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