27 Ways You And Your Best Friend Are Romy And Michele

“I’m the Mary, and you’re the Rhoda.”

WARNING: If you are one of those horrible popular pregnant bitches, you should probably stop reading now.

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This post is for businesswomen only.

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And by businesswomen, I mean that you are not actually businesswomen. You made that up.

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1. First off, food. One of the reasons you get along so well is your mutual love of food.

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3. You also hate the same things, like throwing up.

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4. This is your religion.

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6. In high school, you were really into dyeing each other’s hair.

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7. One of your teachers totally creeped you out.

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8. And when one of you got mono, you took it as a positive thing.

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9. You were secretly jealous of your friend for getting a flip phone first.

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10. Unless you were the one who got the flip phone first. Lucky bitch.

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11. They might have put you in the yearbook together.

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12. You sing in the car together regardless of whether you know the words.

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13. You still argue about who lost their virginity first.

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14. Sometimes people misunderstand when you’re just trying to be helpful.

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15. You are hip. Everyone else is not.

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16. When you’re in public you have the tendency to talk about totally inappropriate things.

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17. You also have the tendency to say totally weird things to strangers.

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18. Similarly, you scare small children easily.

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19. You also use words that you don’t really know what they mean.

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20. This is a very common conversation the two of you have.

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21. This is also a common conversation.

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22. Sometimes you get in little fights about stupid shit like Post-it note glue.

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23. You’re mad for, like, a day.

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It takes so much effort to stay mad at each other.

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24. You have each other’s backs.

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25. Because fuck everyone else.

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26. It’s just your own lifestyle.

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27. You will probably just end up getting married.

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You can open up your own scarf-folding company up or something.

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*Walks on a treadmill wearing high heels*

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*Puts on “Time After Time”*

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*Invents modern dance*

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