This Is What Homophobia Looks Like In France

Yikes. Thousands of people protested against France’s proposed gay marriage bill this weekend. Here’s what that looked like.

Background: France approved a draft law to allow same-sex marriage, saying it meant progress for the whole society. The law would also grant gay couples the right to adopt children, but not to use assisted procreation methods such as artificial inseminati

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1. The law was said to be a done deal, but recent opposition like this protest might have put it in jeopardy.

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2. At the protest there were lots of big banners, like this one that says: “France needs children, not homosexuals.”

Thibault Camus / AP
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3. “The family is the base of the nation”

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4. “One dad, one mom, for the children”

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5. Same as above.

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6. There were also lots of signs. This one says: “No to homosexual marriages.”

Christian Hartmann / Reuters
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7. “1 father, 1 mother, for all children”

Christian Hartmann / Reuters
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8. “Stop the destruction of our values”

Thibault Camus / AP
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9. “No to the government bill for the marriage for everyone”

Thibault Camus / AP
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10. “A real marriage, a true mom, a true daddy”

Jean-Paul Pelissier / Reuters
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11. “Mom loves daddy”

Jean-Paul Pelissier / Reuters
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12. “No to a decadent society”

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13. “Unisex marriage is nonsense”

Jean-Paul Pelissier / Reuters
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14. “The family is sacred”

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15. There were also a lot of people yelling and shouting.

Christian Hartmann / Reuters
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19. There were also balloons!

Thibault Camus / AP
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20. Costumes!

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21. Face paint!

Thibault Camus / AP
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22. Families!

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23. And members of France’s Nationalist party even took part.

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24. There were also old people.

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25. Lots of old people.

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Thibault Camus / AP
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32. Oh, yeah, and an adult baby.


This picture is actually from a protest on Nov. 8. I couldn’t NOT include it, though.

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