The Untold Story Of Mr. Rogers And Koko The Gorilla

Just a story about a man and a gorilla.

One day, long ago, in a land far far away, I think it was California…

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2. There was a man.

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3. And there was a gorilla.

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4. The man and the gorilla had one of those rare, special bonds.

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5. A bond that was both physical.

ID: 941575

6. And spiritual.

ID: 941576

7. Everyone was happy for the two of them…

ID: 941580

8. … everyone except The Lady In The Ugly Khaki Vest.

ID: 941578

9. The Lady In The Ugly Khaki Vest tried time and time again to break them up.

ID: 941574

10. “You are a gorilla. He is a man. This will never work,” The Lady In The Ugly Khaki Vest said.

ID: 941577

11. “WE WILL WORK! WE WILL WORK!,” the man said (because gorillas can’t speak duh).

ID: 941579

12. And so whatever, they cuddled.

ID: 941591

13. And tried to ignore that annoying lady in the really ugly baggy khaki vest.

ID: 941588

14. And eventually, The Lady In The Ugly Khaki Vest got tired of watching an old man and a gorilla cuddling.

ID: 941593

15. So she left.

ID: 941581

16. And they lived happily ever after.

ID: 941585

17. Until they broke up.

ID: 941587

18. The end.

ID: 941602

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