Meet The Two Most Emo Corgis In Taiwan

Two corgis, one diary.

1. Hi. This is Emo.

ID: 1171439

2. Emo is, of course, emo.

ID: 1171401

3. Emo has a best friend named Eka.

ID: 1171426

4. Eka is also emo. She has a lot of feelings.

ID: 1171423

5. Here’s baby Eka.

ID: 1171400

6. And another because AWWWW.

ID: 1171397

7. Here’s a terrifying picture of Emo with a doll head.

ID: 1171394

8. Emo sleeps with a stuffed animal with weird boobs and a nose ring.

ID: 1171398

9. Sometimes they spoon.

ID: 1171393

10. Emo is really into doing his eyebrows.

ID: 1171402

11. He also likes sleeping and dreaming of the afterlife.

ID: 1171403

12. Sometimes he drinks Coke.

ID: 1171399

13. Eka is definitely a little more happy than Emo. Sometimes other corgis call her a “poser.”

ID: 1171395

14. Eka says she hides behind a thinly veiled smile. She says it’s all a show to the world.

ID: 1171420

15. Someday she dreams of going to art school.

ID: 1171404

16. This is what Emo looks like when he’s mad.

ID: 1171417

17. This is what Emo looks like when he dances.

ID: 1171421

18. And this is what Emo looks like sleeping under a roll of toilet paper.

ID: 1171424

19. Emo and Eka are friends with a bunch of dachshunds who are also emo.

ID: 1171419

20. Here’s a picture of all of them sleeping.

ID: 1171405

21. They are also friends with other emo corgis.

ID: 1171430

22. Sometimes they hold seances.

ID: 1171431

23. Eka is friends with a cat named DiDi.

ID: 1171437

24. Their hobbies include sitting on the ground and looking sad.

ID: 1171443

25. Eka hates these glasses.

ID: 1171427

26. The only thing Eka really likes is tiny cowboy hats.

ID: 1171438

27. Emo and Eka like to sit around reciting their favorite quotes.

ID: 1171410

28. ~Nothing to say, nothing to prove, nothing to gain and nothing to lose~

ID: 1171428

29. ~A tear is made of 1% water, 99% feelings~

ID: 1171432

30. ~The best time to CRY is under the SHOWER, this way no one will ever know that you were SAD~

ID: 1171435

31. Sometimes they massage each other.

ID: 1171441

32. Sometimes they hide beneath their bones.

ID: 1171449

33. Other times they sit and wallow.

ID: 1171442

34. Here Emo is wallowing.

ID: 1171407

35. And here Emo has a brown paper bag over his head.

ID: 1171448

36. One final thought: ~ I can’t promise to always smile, because life always has a way to make me cry~

ID: 1171425

37. So emo.

ID: 1171434

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