Everything You Never Knew About Eggs

You can learn a lot about eggs from the Eggs Facebook page.

1. Eggs were born in the year 1000

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2. Eggs will not judge you

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3. Unless you’re a vegan

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4. But at their core, eggs are pretty nice

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5. They care!

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6. They’re festive!

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7. But they won’t take your shit

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9. Just don’t fuck with them or else they’ll call you a goat or something

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10. They have soldiers, too

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11. Sometimes eggs don’t make much sense

ID: 785036

12. Because they’re eggs

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13. They just want to get along

ID: 785042

14. And talk about the important issues

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15. In conclusion, this guy sums eggs up pretty well:

ID: 785043

16. *Kiss*

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