The Best Of Tupac Shacorgi

Tupac is still alive except now he’s a corgi.

1. Introducing the dopest corgi on Instagram, Tupac Shacorgi.

ID: 913797

2. When he’s not making music videos, performing for millions of people + dogs, and stuff, Tupac Shacorgi can be found in the club drinking Patron silver.

ID: 913814

3. And yes, he’s a ladies’ man. So don’t get too attached.

ID: 913795

4. He just knows what women want to hear.

ID: 913815

5. Basically, women can’t keep their hands of of him.

ID: 913794

6. Like… can you blame them?

ID: 913808

7. He’s a total babe.

ID: 913813

8. Like most insanely popular dogs who also happen to be rappers, he can be quite the rebel.

ID: 913792

10. Especially when he’s with his friend Sir Cornelius Kirby.

ID: 913793

11. They’re trouble.

ID: 913810

12. And by trouble I mean they basically just pretend to be mean.

ID: 913800

13. And attitude. Lots of attitude.

ID: 913801

14. But for the most part, Tupac Shacorgi just likes to lay around and chill.

ID: 913802

17. His also likes movies. His favorite is “The Warriors.”

ID: 913811

18. He kind of hates St. Patrick’s Day.

ID: 913807

19. And he has an extensive hoodie collection.

ID: 913806

20. *BONUS* 3 pictures of Tupac Shacorgi as a little babe:

ID: 913796

Now follow him on Instagram, already!

ID: 913967

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