75 Unforgettable Moments From Minnesota’s First Day Of Marriage Equality

August 1, 2013. History made.

The festivities began at the city hall in downtown Minneapolis at 10:30 p.m. when the public was allowed in…

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1. The five levels filled up with people trying to get the perfect spot for the night’s (well, the morning’s, because the law didn’t take effect until midnight) first weddings.

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2. Literally everyone was in a good mood…

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3. …even if they got stuck sitting in the stairs.

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4. Al & Jeff, the second couple to be married, looked around and waved to friends, families, and those who came to support them.

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5. The Minneapolis gay men’s choir sang, and when they finished they all just looked around smiling at all the people who showed up.

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6. These guys were overwhelmed by how enthusiastic the applause was for their performance.

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7. Margaret and Cathy came out at 11:30 p.m. They were the first same-sex couple married in the state of Minnesota. Their son Louie stole the show.

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8. He was amazing. And completely distracted the whole time.

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9. One of the cutest parts was when the priest gave him a hug.

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10. And then he looked up.

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11. And then they said, “I do.”

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12. BOOM. History made.

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13. Then they celebrated.

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14. The crowd, of course, went insane.

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15. Then it was Al and Jeff’s turn. They ran down the stairs…

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16. …as Margaret & Cathy ran to greet them.

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17. The mayor made his officiating debut. They kissed. The crowd lost it again.

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18. Then there was an intermission, which obviously involved dancing.

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It was from hometown company Betty Crocker. Up until very recently, Betty Crocker hadn’t taken a stand on marriage equality, so this was a really sweet (lol see what I did there) gesture.

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20. Outside of city hall, people held signs like this one.

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21. Inside, it was a huge love fest.

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22. Then, around 12:30 a.m., the weddings resumed.

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23. It was a Jewish one!

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24. They stomped on the glasses…

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25. …and looked up at the crowd as they cheered.

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26. This woman smiled alone on the third floor.

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27. The weddings went on. These guys met after one of them moved to London. He forgot his jacket in Minnesota, went back, and never left again.

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28. Random side note: The mayor was UNBELIEVABLY CUTE. He was always getting emotional.

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29. Then the “twins” were married, Lynne and Linda.

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30. From the crowd, their daughter yelled, “I LOVE YOU, MOM.”

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31. Another person said, “THE TWINS HAVE ARRIVED!”

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32. And then they were married.

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33. These two were next. They met as neighbors in an apartment complex 20 years ago.

The woman in the wheelchair is from their church.

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34. After them, it was time for the teachers.

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35. They met at the University of Wisconsin in 1976. They both became teachers.

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36. The kids in the back are their three adopted children.

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37. I mean, come on…

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39. It’s now 2:14 a.m. and Kelly and Donna are up!

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40. Kelly’s pregnant, obviously. It’s their second child. The kid in the back is theirs.

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41. Then this amazing tie-dye crew got on stage. The two of them met working together at a daycare.

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42. By 2:30 a.m., the kids were officially exhausted and so. cute. They were like little zombie children.

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43. Their mom’s wedding was particularly interesting because it was in sign language.

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44. They definitely won for best applause.

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45. Winners.

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46. One of the best parts was when the people getting married would look into the crowd and smile at their family.

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47. And come on, this guy’s brother. LOOK AT THAT FACE.

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48. At 3:09 a.m., Megan and Linda got married. They had already raised twin boys and have been together for 33 years.

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49. While this was all going on, this woman was repeating her vows over and over again.

She actually made the mayor cry.

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50. This couple joked around with their friends…

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51. …and of course took a couple of pictures of each other while they waited.

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52. It was 3:30 in the morning, but everyone was still going strong.

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53. Triumph after triumph.

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54. Kiss after kiss.

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55. So many parents crying.

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56. Finally.

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57. Yes!

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58. Also, check out how amazingly these two dressed.

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59. It’s past 4 a.m. now, and people are still having fun and waving on the balconies.

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60. These two especially.

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61. The weddings continued. This couple has been together 18 years; their son smiled.

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62. This guy’s legs buckled as his husband read his vows.

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63. And these two didn’t want to let go.

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64. It was impossible not to cry…especially because it was almost 6 in the morning and everyone was emotionally (and physically) exhausted.

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65. It’s 5:51 a.m. now. This is the line.

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66. By 6:11, the last couple was giving each other a pep talk.

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67. And, of course, a kiss.

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68. There were more thumbs ups…

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69. …and fist pumps.

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70. By 6:15 a.m., the last family (with little kids) came on stage. As usual, the little boy wasn’t having it…

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71. …except he warmed up by the “I do.”

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72. Then it was time. THE LAST COUPLE OF THE NIGHT.

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73. 6:37 a.m. Dorothy and Jackie. Together 33 years.

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74. It was perfect.

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75. The mayor asked if there were any more people in the crowd. It’s 6:44 a.m. He ended the night by saying, “The chapel of love is officially closed.”

Needless to say, it was a great morning for the state of Minnesota.

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All photos taken by me.

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