Shut It Down, Britney Spears Just Won The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Game over.

1. The owner of an infinite number of questionable wigs…

ID: 3628018

2. …the pioneer of cool and funky intimates…

ID: 3628187

3. …who, by the way, just dropped a game-changing song for fall 2014 called “Bored (Just Do It).” Taylor Swift could never.

ID: 3628026

4. The legendary Miss Britney Spears!

ID: 3628306

5. With a full-on Frappuccino high, wearing her newly iconic and signature white-framed sunglasses from the Target Dollar Spot, Britney Spears decided to give us an incredibly personal and very cool Instagram video.

ID: 3627956

6. The charitable queen picked her very own infinity pool for the challenge…

ID: 3627966

7. …and challenged she was. Those neck veins don’t lie. She was nervous. Like 2008 first time singing “Womanizer” at the Bambi Awards nervous.

ID: 3627963

8. With actual ice cubes (I’ve heard NUMEROUS stories about people using warm water — the deceit), Britney executed the challenge like a true queen.

ID: 3627961

9. Her face. The raw emotion. Those poor Target sunglasses.

ID: 3627954

10. The perfect ending.

ID: 3628435

11. Watch the full video in its charitable glory here:

ID: 3627972

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