Remembering The Adorable Awkwardness That Was Maffleck

I still can’t even take you two. Maffleck 4ever.

1. Long ago, 15 years ago, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck walked the red carpet together as a couple. They were basically like middle school boys. Tweens.

Evan Agostini/Liaison / Getty Images
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2. Those arms! That face! He didn’t know what to do with them!

Evan Agostini/Liaison / Getty Images
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3. Ben was the silly (and sometimes slightly annoying) one that demanded a lot of attention.

FRED PROUSER / Reuters /Landov
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4. Matt was more of the adorable shy type. He just wanted Ben’s approval.

Vince Bucci/AFP / Getty Images
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5. Matt would try to try to talk to Ben, and Ben would act totally disinterested.

Ke.Mazur / Wireimage
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6. Ben was taller. Middle school logic suggests that taller people are more dominant, which would describe Ben’s man-handling of Matt.

Jim Smeal / Wireimage

Whatever it was cute.

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7. They also brought their moms as chaperones…

Vince Bucci/AFP / Getty Images
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8. … because the two of them couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.

Evan Agostini/Liaison / Getty Images
ID: 932533

9. They would pose for pictures, but they didn’t really know how to smile so most of them turned out like this.

Jim Smeal / Wireimage
ID: 932581

10. And this.

UPI/Jim Ruymen /Landov
ID: 932633

11. They were legitimately precious.

SGranitz / Wireimage
ID: 932587

12. And when they won. THOSE FACES.

ID: 932599

13. So playful.

UPI/Jim Ruymen /Landov
ID: 932602

14. So full of love.

UPI/Jim Ruymen /Landov
ID: 932618

15. They even made their statues kiss because duh…


That’s what you do….when you can’t kiss each other.

ID: 932596

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