25 Places You’ll Find Bodega Cats

Shout out to all the bodega cats of NYC. This post is for you.

25. Mixed in with some bags of chips.

ID: 2158749

24. Protecting cookies that have been there for who knows how long.

ID: 1357851

23. Judging your late-night purchases.

ID: 1357754

22. On top of a box of Sour Patch Kids.

ID: 1357757

21. Staring at you from within a refrigerator.

ID: 1357761

20. Beside the M&M’s.

ID: 1357774

19. Chilling with some soda.

ID: 1357776

18. Behind bottles of apple juice.

ID: 1357781

17. In one of the little clear candy boxes.

ID: 1357784

16. In one of the big clear candy boxes.

ID: 1359742

15. Beneath the 5-Hour Energy.

ID: 1357790

14. Poking out from some cookies.

ID: 1357812

13. On top of the cash register.

ID: 1357815

12. Sitting suspiciously in an aisle.

ID: 1357822

11. Guarding the door.

ID: 1359620

10. Peeking out from some dark abyss.

ID: 1357831

9. In a box of Oreos.

ID: 1357823

8. Guarding the ice cream.

ID: 1357837

7. Next to the cheap wine.

ID: 1357861

6. Begging for a belly rub.

ID: 1359578

5. Preparing to scare the shit out of you.

ID: 1359584

4. With the pastries that are probably like nine years old.

ID: 1359598

3. Asleep on a metal shelf.

ID: 1359617

2. Asleep in the middle of the floor.

ID: 1359673

1. Basically sleeping everywhere.

ID: 1357788

Note: This post is dedicated to two great bodega cats, Monty and Tank. May your memory live on with this post.

ID: 1359670

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