28 Photos You Need To See Before The Frankenstorm

Essential reading before the Frankenstorm washes the world away.

If you didn’t already know, the Northeast is about to be slammed by potentially one of the worst storms in history.

In order to prepare for the end of it all, you should make sure you’ve seen these photos. Everyone should see these 28 photos before it’s too late.

2. An otter caught with his “special friend.”

3. A hound wearing a bikini.

4. Dennis Quaid and his fat pet pug.

5. This portrait from Easter 2007.

6. A dog with eyebrows.

7. A dog dressed as a taco posing with three tacos.

8. A dog that takes swimming VERY seriously.

9. A labrador retriever puppy.

10. A hedgehog wearing a tu-tu.

11. A puppy passed out after a long day of golfing and drinking.

12. A baby orangutan describing something huge.

13. A fancy dog.

14. A great dane sitting on a chair using a laptop.

15. Chinese dogs that are most certainly cooler than you.

16. A pile of sleeping otters.

17. A hedgehog dressed as Dracula.

18. A bunch of dogs wearing party hats.

19. A husky party.

20. A shy corgi puppy holding a leaf.

22. The grumpiest cat.

23. A kitten giving a finger a high five.

24. A dog that really likes to dance.

25. A polar bear that’s really happy to see you.

26. A tiny little baby antelope.


27. A group of French bulldogs learning how to swim.

And lastly, but most importantly…

Wait for it…

28. A baby sloth in a giant wine glass.

Good luck and be safe!

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