Michelle’s Friend From “Full House” Is Now A Go-Go Dancer, Permanently Attached To A Speedo

God works in mysterious ways.

1. Rise up.

ID: 1901958

2. Dust off your glasses.

ID: 1901764

3. Call Lady Liberty and LET FREEDOM RING!!!!

ID: 1901959

4. That little kid from The Little Rascals and Full House is now a go-go dancer.

ID: 1901702

5. In other words: God is good today.

Also I’m a little uncomfortable.

ID: 1902172

6. Blake McIver told RumorFix that for the past year he’s been go-go dancing.

ID: 1901614

7. He has also been purchasing a lot of Speedos.

ID: 1901612

8. Gold Speedos.

ID: 1901610

9. White Speedos.

ID: 1901613

10. Red Speedos.

ID: 1901611

11. And olive ones too.

ID: 1901664

12. I can’t tell what color this Speedo is.

ID: 1901672

13. Lastly, here’s a rare photo of him NOT wearing a Speedo.

Thank you for your time.

ID: 1901674

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