It Finally Happened: Lady Gaga Was Voluntarily Puked On

Ladies andgentleman, ARTPOP.

1. Hey, guys! Guess what?!

2. Lady Gaga let some woman puke green and black goo on her at her concert at SXSW!

3. It went a little somethin’ like this…

4. A woman came on stage with a bottle filled with a green liquid. The woman (artist Millie Brown) then chugged the liquid while Gaga rambled on and itched her head.

FUSE / Via

5. Itching head:

FUSE / Via

6. Then, just like that, the woman who chugged the green goo puked allllll over Gaga:

7. Here’s another angle:

FUSE / Via

10. And another GIF:

11. Then they went over to a mechanical bull. They scissored.

12. Then the woman pukes alllllll over her again.

FUSE / Via

13. This time it was black goo.

14. Here’s a GIF of that:

15. Then the two of them kind of just went around on the bull covered in the green and black goo.

FUSE / Via

16. They obv hugged it out.

17. Gaga got off the bull…

18. … and hung her pukey apron on a beam.

FUSE / Via

19. She screamed: “I’m covered in puke!!!!”*

FUSE / Via

*JK I wish.

20. But for real, like a true Lady Gaga, she finished her show covered in puke and all.

FUSE / Via

Needless to say, it was a great time had by all. The end.

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