It Finally Happened: Lady Gaga Was Voluntarily Puked On

Ladies andgentleman, ARTPOP.

1. Hey, guys! Guess what?!

ID: 2607556

2. Lady Gaga let some woman puke green and black goo on her at her concert at SXSW!

ID: 2607555

3. It went a little somethin’ like this…

ID: 2607563

4. A woman came on stage with a bottle filled with a green liquid. The woman (artist Millie Brown) then chugged the liquid while Gaga rambled on and itched her head.

FUSE / Via instagram.com
ID: 2607578

5. Itching head:

FUSE / Via instagram.com
ID: 2607625

6. Then, just like that, the woman who chugged the green goo puked allllll over Gaga:

ID: 2607580

7. Here’s another angle:

FUSE / Via instagram.com
ID: 2607570

8. And another:

ID: 2607589

9. And a GIF:

ID: 2607610

10. And another GIF:

ID: 2608582

11. Then they went over to a mechanical bull. They scissored.

ID: 2607586

12. Then the woman pukes alllllll over her again.

FUSE / Via instagram.com
ID: 2607628

13. This time it was black goo.

ID: 2607599

14. Here’s a GIF of that:

ID: 2608585

15. Then the two of them kind of just went around on the bull covered in the green and black goo.

FUSE / Via instagram.com
ID: 2607575

16. They obv hugged it out.

ID: 2607618

17. Gaga got off the bull…

ID: 2607688

18. … and hung her pukey apron on a beam.

FUSE / Via instagram.com
ID: 2607566

19. She screamed: “I’m covered in puke!!!!”*

FUSE / Via instagram.com

*JK I wish.

ID: 2607615

20. But for real, like a true Lady Gaga, she finished her show covered in puke and all.

FUSE / Via instagram.com

Needless to say, it was a great time had by all. The end.

ID: 2607593

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