Is "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" The Gayest Music Video Of All Time?

This video is a true gem. I love every second of it.

1. The scene: Five guys are on an outdoor basketball court at dusk. They suddenly break into song.

ID: 916535

2. One of them is wearing a choker.

ID: 916543

3. The blonde one is moaning.

ID: 916542

4. Then one of them looks to the sky.

ID: 916537

5. It begins raining. The men have somehow changed into pajamas. Some are shirtless. Everyone is soaking wet.

ID: 916538

6. The other one starts touching his nipples.

ID: 916481

7. Another one of them is wearing sunglasses. It is nighttime.

ID: 916485

8. They do some sort of weird tribal dance routine.

ID: 916534

9. They are absolutely drenched.

ID: 916483

10. Their bodies continue to gyrate.

ID: 916484

11. Hair flips all over the place.

ID: 916480

12. They’re literally dancing like “no one is watching.”

ID: 916486

13. Except we’re watching. We are all watching.

ID: 916541

14. Then BOOM. The beat drops.

ID: 916488


ID: 916497

16. Everything gets crazy.

ID: 916492

17. They’re in absolute ecstasy.

ID: 916489

18. Moaning.

ID: 916494

19. Grunting.

ID: 916490

20. Pointing their fingers all over the place.

ID: 916540

21. Biting their lips.

ID: 916496

22. One of them might even be jerking off.

ID: 916491

23. What is even going on?!?!?!

ID: 916536

24. Then suddenly they’re exhausted.

ID: 916533

25. The blonde one’s movements suggest “I can’t even take this anymore. Too much stimulation.”

ID: 916495

26. The hip gyration slows.

ID: 916493

27. They look around at each other and wonder what the fuck just happened.

ID: 916532

/end scene.

ID: 919022

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