In Remembrance Of Parent Trap Lindsay Lohan


1. Let’s begin by allowing ourselves to forget everything that is currently happening.


You open your eyes and it’s 1998!

6. Turn the lights on.

8. Hello 1998 Lilo!

11. We miss your love of Leo,

12. Your dream mom.

(…that we all wish in reality was your real mom. RIP Natasha Richardson, though)

13. Your dream family…

14. …that you brilliantly brought back together.

15. We remember the butler you did that weird handshake with.

18. Be honest, you probably thought she REALLY had a twin too.

22. But no. That was just CGI.

25. Moving on, remember how you hated your fake twin at first?

26. And how you would seriously shade her.

27. You hated her so much you wanted to stab her with a sword.

28. That’s right.

29. But then you became BFFs and conspired to destroy that nasty bitch.

32. And thank God you did because she was the worst.

34. But seriously, most importantly, you taught us this:


37. Miss you, Parent Trap Lilo….

38. … but I miss these glasses even more.

40. : ( : ( : ( : ( : (

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