Why "Unsolved Mysteries" Is Still The Most Terrifying Show Of All Time

You are about to die/find your long-lost twin. Thanks, Robert Stack.

1. Press play. Listen. It’s the soundtrack for your imminent death/haunting/missing persons case/long-lost-twin finding.

ID: 1731017

2. Your night is about to be wrecked.

ID: 1730020

3. Robert Stack appears seemingly from nowhere. He speaks. You quiver.

ID: 1729849

4. Trench coats. You’ll never be able to look at those the same way again. It begins.

Courtesy of the Everett Collection
ID: 1730064

5. It’s a story about how one man became close with his boss, moved into his house, and locked him in the basement, letting him starve to death while taking over his identity.

Courtesy of the Everett Collection
ID: 1730065

6. This is obviously going to happen to you.

Courtesy of the Everett Collection
ID: 1730063

7. Your house is also on an Indian burial ground and you never knew it.

ID: 1730195

8. At some point in your life, you will be abducted by aliens.

ID: 1730210

9. Your living room will be taken over by a bunch of Civil War–era ghosts.

ID: 1730216

10. Hi, from the La-Z-Boy.

ID: 1730217

11. Hi, from your bed.

ID: 1730827

12. Hi, standing there with a jug.

ID: 1730218

13. Hi, from next to you on the couch.

ID: 1730828

14. Outside your window.

ID: 1730825

15. Someday, these people will eat you.

ID: 1730770

16. There’s a note waiting outside your front door.

ID: 1730806

17. Digging a hole? Cool. You’ll find some weird-ass creature thing that will give you and your family bad luck for all eternity.

ID: 1730808

18. And don’t forget, you probably have a long-lost twin somewhere just waiting to be reunited with you.

ID: 1730811

19. You may also be a twinless twin. No idea what the fuck that even means but you probably have one/it.

ID: 1730823

20. This man is hiding in your garage.

ID: 1730816

21. Under your bed.

ID: 1730134

22. In the back seat of your car.

ID: 1730133

23. Staring at you and you can’t even see him.

ID: 1730810

24. Never go hiking. Bigfoot is real.

ID: 1730818

25. That chair in your living room? It’s haunted as fuck and ruining your life.

ID: 1730819

26. Will rob you.

ID: 1730820

27. Here’s an artist’s depiction of the aliens that will be paying a visit to you soon.

ID: 1730838

28. This is Debby. She’s your unassuming neighbor. She will hear your screams.

ID: 1730437

29. “Sharon Johnson” will be a witness.

ID: 1730822

30. Dorothy, a psychic, will tell cops where your body is. She will be wrong.

ID: 1730821

31. UPDATE. Robert Stack speaks.

Courtesy of the Everett Collection
ID: 1730067

32. Your case is solved.

ID: 1730019

33. But the killer has since been released.

Courtesy of the Everett Collection
ID: 1730066

34. Sweet dreams!

ID: 1730826

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