The 32 Greatest Gifts The Holy Spearit Gave Us Through The Medium Of "X-Factor"

In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spearit. Gaymen.

In September of two thousand and twelve, the legendary and iconic Britney Spears made her debut on the television program…

That television program was called ‘X-Factor.’

Throughout her time on that show, Britney showered her fans with many gifts. Many being gifs. Thank you Britney for these gifts. We are not worthy.

Let’s begin our journey back and be thankful for what we have been given. Light a candle if you’d like.

Let us begin with…

32. The red dress

Paul Marotta / Getty Images

The red dress was arguably Britney’s best look during ‘X-Factor’ try outs. It suited her legendness very nicely. Also the debut of “Boobney.”

31. Her gum chewing

What an honor to watch Britney do such an intimate act week after week. Her gum chewing was truly top-notch whilst on the show.

29. Her laugh

So genuine and sincere, a laugh we haven’t seen in a while.

24. Her modesty

OF COURSE THE CONTESTANT KNOWS “BABY ONE MORE TIME.” It’s Baby fucking One More Time! Yet, our legendess, remains humble and modest.

23. An image of her pensively holding an apple

Very “Garden of Eden.”

22. Her shade

This is approximately when Demi learned her place.

21. A first look at a new dance move

How nice of her to give us a preview of her next legendary music video move.

17. Her spit

So nice of Britney to baptize Demi.

16. This harsh, but honest critique

15. Also this harsh, but honest critique

It was always so nice of Britney to instill her wisdom on mere mortals.

10. That time she called Ke$ha, “Keesha.”

9. This wise, brilliant, and worldly critique

8. Her tiny waves

So tiny, yet so powerful. Britney gave us many of these.

7. Her clapping

So inventive and cutting edge. Expect this to become a huge trend in 2013.

6. Her airclapping

Sometimes Britney couldn’t be bothered with real clapping. So, she faked it.

5. When she said she was going to “beat the poop” out of Simon

4. Her flawless a capella rendition of the classic hit song, “Happy Birthday”

3. This face

AKA “Shartney.”

2. The face she made when Fifth Harmony made it into the next round and she was so shocked

1. “That’s horrible”

And one final prayer…


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