Google 1999: An 11-Year-Old’s Documentary

This is what Google was like in 1999 as seen through a 5th-grader’s eyes. Basically, FREE SNAPPLE.

The “documentary” was uploaded to YouTube by an ex-googler. The video description says:

ID: 965507

Shortly after I joined Google in 1999, my 5th-grade son asked if he could shoot a video at my office. His homework assignment was to introduce his younger brother to something new. This was the result. There was no one in the building but the 3 of us, and my son’s camera technique was a bit raw, so it’s likely of limited interest to anyone but our immediate friends and family, but you’re welcome to take a look if you’re curious.

ID: 965216

3. The video starts in the parking lot. Welcome to Google in 1999!

ID: 965416

4. Walk this way through the glamorous hallway…

ID: 965406

5. Pass the tastefully decorated stairwell…

ID: 965401

6. Check out that sweet office…

ID: 965393

7. And into the kitchen with SO MUCH FREE FOOD.

ID: 965395

8. Of course there was a leftover pizza box on the counter:

ID: 965407

9. They had a giant bowl of M+Ms:

ID: 965415

10. A slightly smaller bowl of Peanut M+Ms:

ID: 965414

11. Lots of FREE Snapple and Fraps:

ID: 965396

12. UNLIMITED bubblegum:

ID: 965410

13. And a wall full of cereal!

ID: 965413

14. They had an air hockey room:

ID: 965397

15. A sick exercise room:

ID: 965399

16. A SEGA Dreamcast:

ID: 965400

17. A conference room desk that doubled as a ping pong table:

ID: 965402

18. And for some reason, they had giant inflatable balls around the office:

ID: 965404

19. Watch the full “documentary” here:

ID: 965212

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