After Looking At These Photos You Will DEFINITELY Want A Capybara


33. Hey, y’all! This is a capybara chilling on a couch. If you didn’t already know, a capybara is basically a giant hamster. In about two minutes you will really, REALLY want one.

ID: 1120220

Just some advice…

ID: 1120438

32. Some capybaras like to swim…

ID: 1120222

31. …so you’ll definitely need some good pool toys.

ID: 1120205

30. And you better throw pool parties. Capybaras love pool parties.

ID: 1120211

29. They will totally be the life of the party.

ID: 1120210

28. Don’t be surprised when you find your capybara with a paper bag in the pool. They can be a little weird sometimes…but you know, like a good kind of weird.

ID: 1120203

27. Capybaras also get along with cats.

ID: 1120224

26. They love dogs.

ID: 1120223

25. <3<3<3

ID: 1120480

24. They’re even good with kids.

ID: 1120226

23. WARNING: They may get a little jealous of your bunnies, ESPECIALLY if they want to be cuddled.

ID: 1120208

22. Capybaras can read.

ID: 1120196

21. They have a hard time using the computer, though. (Their paws aren’t meant for typing.)

Just kidding. They can’t actually read or use the computer. That would be scary.

ID: 1120199

20. It must also be noted how cute they are as babies.

ID: 1120195

19. Capybaras eat corn on the cob.

ID: 1120200

18. They also eat watermelon.

ID: 1120206

17. They will wait for you to come home by the door.

ID: 1120197

16. You can take them for walks.

ID: 1120201

15. They love when you cuddle them.

ID: 1120202

14. They also love to just chill. They’re easy!

ID: 1120207

13. Capybaras are insanely cute when they sleep.

ID: 1120204

12. Can you EVEN TAKE IT?!

ID: 1120198

11. You can take them for car rides.

ID: 1120209

10. They’re fairly festive.

ID: 1120212

9. A PERFECT addition to game night.

ID: 1120216

8. You should also know they like tortoises.

ID: 1120221

7. They love stuffed animals of themselves.

ID: 1120215

6. And blankets. They love blankets.

ID: 1120219

4. Now here are three pictures of a capybara wearing a blue bonnett doing a little gardening:

ID: 1120119

1. Xoxo. I NEED YOU.

ID: 1120227

All photos from the amazing Rous photos Tumblr. You should also check out their website,

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