32 Little Reasons We’re Still In Love With Britney Spears

Happy birthday, queen! Here are just a few reasons why you’re still the best.

1. Her “this is fucking awkward why am I here?” face.

ID: 2068020

2. Her non-fear of fecal excrement.

ID: 2067979

3. Her beauty skills.

ID: 2068084

4. The fact that she never ages.

ID: 2068094

5. The fact that we ALL can identify with her thoughts on “waiting.”

ID: 2068474

6. Her natural theatrical nature.

ID: 2068043

7. Her knowledge of technology.

ID: 2068128

8. Her uncontrollable facial spasms.

ID: 2068136

9. Her uncontrollable dancing spasms.

ID: 2068322

10. Her excellent work ethic.

ID: 2068156

11. That time she got covered in snakes.

ID: 2068247

12. That time that she laughed in the face of a bag of Cheetos.

ID: 2068250

13. The way she moves her eyes from side to side.

ID: 2068257

14. Whenever she gets really excited.

ID: 2068333

15. Hair flips.

Especially pony flips.

ID: 2068351

16. The fact that she’s the second coming of Christ.

ID: 2068369

17. That time she saw her wax figure for the first time.

ID: 2068398

18. The look of pure joy she has on her face when she has a Frappuccino.

ID: 2068439
ID: 2068440

There is no better face.

ID: 2068437

19. Also her insatiable thirst for Cheetos.

ID: 2068524

20. Her immaculate pronunciation.

ID: 2068549

21. Her driving skills.

ID: 2068579

22. Whenever she calls herself a nerd.

ID: 2068789

23. Her ability to break records and surpass all expectations.

ID: 2068611

24. Matilda.

ID: 2068884

25. Every time she goes shopping at Target + bonus points if she has a Fanta.

ID: 2068893

26. Her inability to focus on anything whilst in the presence of cookies.

ID: 2068655

27. Also potato chips.

ID: 2068766

28. Basically her love of food in general.

ID: 2068935

29. The way she shows love for her international fans.

ID: 2068799

30. The way she describes tiny things.

ID: 2068860

31. Every time she embarrasses her kids.

ID: 2068979

32. And lastly, the fact that she is STILL giving us new music after 15 years.

May the gospel continue! Gaymen!

ID: 2068756

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