21 Pugs Who Had The Worst 4th Of July Ever


21. “Went to a party. Ended right when i got there.”

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20. “We watched fireworks… on TV.”

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19. “My hat was too small for my head. It kept falling off.”

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18. “Got stuck in the heat for three hours and didn’t even get the snow cone I was expecting.”

ID: 1337174

17. “Pretty sad when I decide to go home before the fireworks even start.”

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16. “Fireworks give me anxiety.”

ID: 1337183

15. “I lost my goggles. RIP.”

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14. “I was at work.”

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13. “The beach was really crowded.”

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12. “We ate too much. We hate ourselves.”

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11. “I’m so sick of seeing blurry fireworks pictures on my Instagram feed.”

ID: 1337214

10. “The food sucked.”

ID: 1337194

9. “I hate people. I hate traffic. I hate fireworks. I don’t eat meat.”

ID: 1337215

8. “My friends made fun of my new doormat.”

ID: 1337217

7. “My BF got mad at me for drinking with his mom.”

ID: 1337233

6. “I wasn’t bikini ready.”

ID: 1337242

5. “Shout out to all the cute couple posting 4th of July pictures on Instagram. I hate you all.”

ID: 1337245

4. “It rained. All. Day. Long.”

ID: 1337247

3. “And this is why I never drink vodka.”

ID: 1337249

2. “Summer is basically halfway over.”

ID: 1337255

1. “I don’t even know who Uncle Sam is.”

ID: 1337246

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