People Falling Asleep Where They Shouldn’t

How embarrassing! Don’t be caught sleeping where you shouldn’t. Carry the portable MiO Energy with you anywhere. With a bottle of MiO Energy in your pocket, you’ve got enough for an energy drink in any of these situations. Because yawning is for jerks!

1. This lady in the front row of a NBC presidential candidate debate

2. James Franco in class

3. This guy on a seesaw

4. This guy on the train

5. These people at a restaurant

6. This man on a motorcycle

7. This man “standing up”

8. Gordon Brown on the job

9. This guy in a jet engine

10. This guy in a phone booth

11. This guy in his office

12. These people trying to promote 5-hour Energy

Yeah. You definitely don’t want to be sleeping here!

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