10 Situations Where You Could Really Use A Kick Of Energy

Hey drowsy eyes, feeling a little sleepy? Did your boss catch you nodding off in that meeting? MiO Energy is a portable liquid water enhancer that can help you put a little jump in your step. Take MiO Energy with you anywhere to feel energized at anyplace. It’s like having a tiny ninja in your pocket! Maybe if you had MiO Energy, you’d be ready for the following outrageous situations.

1. Before you start industrial dancing

ID: 85454

2. Before playing drums like this guy.

(Start at 20 seconds in.)

ID: 87342

3. Before making your TV debut

ID: 92451

4. While babysitting kids

ID: 85442

5. Before spitting out a super high-speed rap

ID: 87369

6. Before a long drive

ID: 85451

7. When you need to sit through long meetings

ID: 85457

8. At a hardcore concert

ID: 85462

9. Before you participate in the “Running Of The Bulls”

ID: 85478

10. Running away from a swarm of bees

ID: 87296

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