10 Of The Coolest Tricked Out Party Buses

Half of the fun is getting there. MiO Energy Liquid Water Enhancer knows the importance of keeping yourself fresh and on the go because the party never stops. Take a look at some “on the go” party buses to inspire your next late night!

1. The Time Machine Bus

The laws of partying defy space and time.

2. The Tiki Bus

When you want to keep it classy and calypso.

3. The “Astrology is Totally Real” Bus

Otherwise known as the “Miss Cleo Model”.

4. The “Princess” Bus

Most likely the official vehicle of “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”.

5. The “Gold Star for Ingenuity” Bus

For the partier on a budget.

6. The Amazing Acro-Cats and Rock-Cats Purr-fect Bus

This is a concept image from the band’s Kickstarter that we hope will soon become reality.

7. The “I Am a Real American” Bus

Fight for the right of every man, in style.

8. The Black Metal Bus


9. The Fun Bus

For your inner child.

10. The Interweb Bus

Your home away from home.

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