10 Of The Coolest Tricked Out Party Buses

Half of the fun is getting there. MiO Energy Liquid Water Enhancer knows the importance of keeping yourself fresh and on the go because the party never stops. Take a look at some “on the go” party buses to inspire your next late night!

1. Kukoo Kanuku Party Bus

ID: 967508

2. Double decker bus filled with balloons

ID: 967512

3. A hot pink bus

ID: 967515

4. Party Tram

ID: 967607

5. Santa filled bus

ID: 967511

6. This decorated bus

ID: 967523

7. A bus that shoots out flames

ID: 967541

8. The Nascar bus

ID: 968643

9. The Movie Bus

ID: 967609

10. The Knight Bus

ID: 967516

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