16 Dogs Who Want You To Keep Up With Them

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. So get out there and play with Fido….if you can keep up. There are tons of fun activities you can do with your K9 BFF. So next time you’re thinking about hitting the couch, hit up the park instead. Once you’re done, crack open a Miller64…and some bones for your pooch of course. To Love, Sweat and Beers™.

1. These corgis in an intense game of tetherball.

ID: 1061169

2. These pug puppies frolicking through the grass. YOU LOVE FROLICKING!

ID: 1061173

3. This corgi who cannot contain the excitement to catch that beach ball.

ID: 1061231

4. This Golden Retriever pup who is going for a late night jog in the rain.

ID: 1061284

5. This Chihuahua who is training for the PGA and totally below par.

ID: 1061111

6. This guy who was bored on your yacht, so he found another way to chill in the ocean. Don’t be jealous, that takes serious talent.

ID: 1062040

7. This dog who can run in the air with the greatest of ease (don’t mention you’re holding him up!).

ID: 1061306

8. This dog who borrowed your bike because his fixie isn’t ready yet.

ID: 1061666

9. This pug who is really excited to lay down new tracks in your next jam session.

ID: 1061676

10. This pup who wants you to cruise along with him in his tank.

ID: 1061895

11. This dog who isn’t ready for bed just yet! 5 more minutes…just 5 more minutes of fun!

ID: 1061925

12. This poodle who doesn’t want to stay in and watch Netflix with you tonight, she wants to DANCE!!!!

ID: 1061989

13. She’s been practicing her dance moves with this Chihuahua. They hope you like the Miami Sound Machine because they want you to Conga with them tonight.

ID: 1062091

14. This Boston Terrier who is done waiting an hour after eating, and wants to swim.

ID: 1062022

15. This pup who is getting some trampoline cardio in.

ID: 1062059

16. Along with his pal who is training to be on the US Gymnastics team. Gold medal.

ID: 1062067

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