11 Puppies Who Learned The Hard Way

Life definitely has a learning curve. Here are a few puppies who came face to face with hard realities way before they had to, and be sure to reward your own dog’s good behavior by giving him a Milk-Bone.

1. This Guy Learned Animatronics Should Stay In The Movies

ID: 1029299

2. This Lad Learned That “Life Alert” Really Is A Good Service

ID: 1029304

3. This Wee One Learned That Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

ID: 1029320

4. This Puppy Finally Realized That Eating Off The Floor Ain’t So Bad

ID: 1029319

5. This Little Man Learned That Some Things Are Scarier Than Water That’s Not Room Temperature

ID: 1029300

6. This Guy Learned There Are More Dangerous Things To Run With Than Scissors

ID: 1029340

7. This Puppy Learned That Rocks Do What They Want

ID: 1029348

8. This Cowboy Learned What Happens When You Lose Your Keys

ID: 1033411

9. And This Señorita Learned There’s No Such Thing As A “Quiet Sunday”

ID: 1056635

10. This Gal Learned That It’s Not A Real Audition If No One Else Is There

ID: 1056741

11. This Dude Learned If You Don’t Tell Anyone What You Want For Your Birthday, You’re Going To Get Something You Don’t Want

ID: 1056764

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