The Complete List Of People And Groups Who Take Worse Shots Than J.R. Smith

It’s a short list.

Guard J.R. Smith went 7 for 22 last night (with zero assists) in the Knicks’ awful loss to the Indiana Pacers, bringing his shooting percentage to a robust 28.5% in the teams’ second-round series. There are only a few entities in the world worse at shooting than J.R. Smith on a bad night. Here’s the comprehensive list.

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1. Action Movie Villains

Still yet to hit G.I. Joe, the A-Team or John McClane.

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2. College Kids

DreamWorks / courtesy Everett Collection

“This is a shot of tequila mixed with mustard and rust. It’s called a Rusty Tequila Mustard.” —bartenders

“We’re sold. Spring break.” —college kids

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3. Instagram Food People

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“Shoot” has more than one meaning. And you need to use all of them to find people who are worse at shooting than a cold J.R. Smith.

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