18 Of The Most Refreshing Things In The World

When things often get stale, it’s life’s refreshing moments that we live for. Take a breather and enjoy a couple that will make you say ahhh. And while you’re in the zone, ”like” mike’s hard lemonade for more refreshing content.

1. A Cool Glass of Ice Tea

ID: 449217

2. The Sound Of Rushing Water

ID: 449227

3. That feeling when your feet first hit the water

ID: 449282

4. Warm Laundry That Just Came Out Of The Dryer

ID: 447980

5. Watching The Sunset

ID: 449225

6. Driving With The Top Down

ID: 449233

7. This snail casually taking a shower

ID: 449241

8. The cool breeze from an oncoming subway train

ID: 449253

9. These Dogs In The Pool

ID: 449273

10. This disabled cat getting a set of wheels

ID: 449262

11. The spray of the ocean when you’re on a boat

ID: 449290

12. Enjoying a cold one while chillin’ on the beach

ID: 450194

13. Catching The Perfect Wave

ID: 449268

14. Jumping off a high cliff into the cool water below

ID: 449276

15. Surfing when you’re on fire

ID: 449292

16. Playing In These Fountains

ID: 449297

17. That Perfect Drizzle

ID: 449352

18. Finding The Perfect View

ID: 449305

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