11 Dance Moves That Went Terribly Wrong

Proceed with caution. Even if the whole Internet is laughing at you, remember: it’s never not a good time for a refreshing mike’s.

1. Even if there’s too much cat in your cat daddy.

ID: 1441425

2. Even if your time on the pole gets out of control.

ID: 1441168

3. Even if your cha cha slide is more of a ha ha slide.

ID: 1419749

4. Even if your moonwalk experiences some gravity.

ID: 1419817

5. Even if there’s too much bump in your bump and grind.

ID: 1441187

6. Even if there’s a little slip in your electric slide.

ID: 1441263

7. Even if your high kick is a little too high.

ID: 1441276

8. Even if your board walk lands you in the water.

ID: 1441957

9. Even if your pole spin could use some support.

ID: 1441385

10. Even if your running man isn’t quite fast enough.

ID: 1441987

11. Even if you don’t stick the landing.

ID: 1442010

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